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Katherine DeVane

Katherine DeVane – Consultant [Name]

Ms. DeVane (née Wiggins) joined Keen Independent in 2017 with an already-extensive background in disparity and availability study research. During her tenure at Keen Independent, Ms. DeVane has prepared DBE Goal & Methodology documents for clients including Delaware Department of Transportation, Hawaii Department of Transportation and Oregon Department of Transportation. She has also written availability survey instruments for numerous Department of Transportation clients, as well as City of Baton Rouge, BREC and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and she worked with Keen Independent subcontractor Customer Research International (CRI) as they performed those availability surveys. In her career to date, Ms. DeVane has worked on over 30 disparity, availability and related studies.

Prior to joining Keen Independent, Ms. DeVane’s experience in the disparity study field began in 2010, when she began working with National Economic Research Associates (NERA) in Austin, Texas as a Research Assistant. During this time, she contributed to disparity studies and related work for Maryland Department of Transportation, Hawaii Department of Transportation and the Transportation Research Board (TRB), among other entities. She was later hired as an independent contractor by Colette Holt & Associates (CHA), for which she worked on many disparity and availability studies. In her work as an independent contractor for CHA, Ms. DeVane administered and performed contract data collection for multiple disparity study projects, obtained and cleaned availability data for numerous projects and personally spoke with hundreds of business owners and their representatives across the country so they could be included in focus groups for CHA projects.

More recently, Ms. DeVane has begun contributing to Keen Independent’s arts-focused projects, including attending and providing qualitative analysis of workshops and focus groups for projects including the Denver Performing Arts Complex Venue Market Analysis and Feasibility Study as well as the May Bonfils Stanton Theater Feasibility Study. Ms. DeVane has found herself equally at home doing this work, as she holds multiple degrees in music and has many years of experience in opera and other classical singing.

Ms. DeVane earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and a Master of Music degree from University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.