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We examine equity based on race/ethnicity, gender, LGBTQIA+, veteran status and (dis)ability through:


Collection of public agency contract and subcontract data for a contract disparity study (or employment data for a workforce disparity study)


For a contract disparity study, coding of the type of work involved in each contract and subcontract and the geographic location of the firm performing the work


Selection of the subindustries and geographic market area that will be the focus of the availability and marketplace analyses


Surveys of businesses in the local market area to identify firms available to perform an agency’s contracts


Availability analysis to calculate availability benchmarks for each group of minority- and woman-owned businesses


Utilization analysis, including identifying the race, ethnicity and gender ownership of each firm receiving a public agency’s contract or subcontract


Disparity analysis through comparing the share of dollars going to minority- and woman-owned firms (by racial, ethnic and gender group) with the availability benchmarks for each group


Quantitative and qualitative research about conditions for minority- and woman-owned companies in the local marketplace, including factors such as access to capital


Conclusions, recommendations and, when needed, program design and implementation support




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Studies that examine equity based on race, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQIA+, veteran status, (dis)ability

States, cities, counties and other local governments

Transportation agencies, including state DOTs, transit agencies and airports

Water providers

Public agencies that implement the DBE Program or other federal programs

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