The City of Tacoma engaged Keen Independent Research to gather data about marketplace conditions and to identify if there are any disparities in the use of minority- and woman-owned firms in City contracting. Results will help the City to assess whether there is a level playing field for these businesses in the local marketplace. Recommendations will include policy and programmatic direction for the City to foster equity in contracting and development of local minority- and woman-owned businesses.

Keen Independent Research will also examine the Local Employment & Apprenticeship Training Program (LEAP) for City construction contracts.

The study team will interview businesses and trade associations about conditions in the marketplace, conduct Business Advisory Group (BAG) discussions with members of the local business community and hold meetings to hear from the public. Over the winter, study team member Customer Research International (CRI) will survey firms in the region to identify companies available for contracts with the City.

Study Team

Keen Independent Research is a national economic consulting firm specializing in disparity studies for local governments. Principals Annette Humm Keen and David Keen are leading this assignment.

The study team includes Customer Research International, Rosales Law Partners and local subconsultant Donaldson Consulting.


The disparity study will be completed in summer 2024.

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