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Tyler Cullen

Tyler Cullen – Program and Research Coordinator [Tyler]

Tyler Cullen joined Keen Independent as a Program and Research Coordinator in early 2019. Much of her professional career is rooted in qualitative research, program development, supportive services and community outreach.

Ms. Cullen has extensive expertise analyzing in-depth interviews, focus groups and public meetings. She has conducted this analysis for Keen Independent disparity studies including for the City of Baton Rouge and Missouri Department of Transportation. Ms. Cullen has also contributed to Keen Independent projects for Denver Arts and Venues and Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Tyler led a woman-owned, small business contracting with the Department of Defense. As part of this contract, Tyler served as Chairperson of a multi-agency committee dedicated to assisting families with special needs. Her efforts combined program enhancement and development with implementation of new initiatives. Ms. Cullen has been recognized by top government officials for this work and service to the community.

Tyler has spent over 200 hours volunteering within the military community and assisted thousands of active duty Airmen, retirees and military families in navigating the military lifecycle. She was selected for numerous high-impact think tanks with top officials working to improve military family life and is an award recipient for her dedication and service to military families. Tyler’s commitment to public service currently includes volunteering in local elementary schools.

Tyler holds a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with honors from Grand Canyon University, as well as graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Ashford University.